AmbaSense were recently approached by a leading Premiership football club to solve an ongoing problem.  How do you keep track of food storage temperatures within 75,000-seater capacity stadium housing 26 kitchens with hundreds of fridges and freezers holding thousands of pounds worth of stock? Previous attempts to solve this issue by the club had been unsuccessful due to the size of the stadium and limitations of technology available.

Step forward AmbaSense, who have successfully installed a complete temperature monitoring solution using AmbaSense Tiaki sensors. Our British designed and made battery powered IoT sensors utilise the latest LoRaWAN technology with ability to communicate over vast distances using very low power. Use of this new technology has enabled temperature monitoring throughout the stadium, offering complete protection in the event of equipment malfunction or breakdown.

Through the AmbaSense dashboard, staff can view current and past temperatures of any refrigeration equipment using any smartphone, tablet or PC . Most importantly key staff are alerted by text message and email when temperatures exceed critical levels.  The system compliments any existing HACCP system and provides indisputable evidence of compliance.

Please contact a member of the AmbaSense team on 01609 600884 or email: for a free no obligation free trial.