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Eggs scare: what are the dangers and what products are affected?

Four supermarkets have withdrawn products containing eggs from Dutch farms owing to contamination fears. Concerns have been raised about consumption of certain egg-based products in the UK after it emerged that eggs containing a high level of a substance called fipronil had been exported from the Netherlands. What is fipronil? Fipronil is a toxic insecticide. [...]

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In summer, the risk of poisoning by these products increases dramatically

Summer – time of holidays, fun picnics and barbecues. But to spoil all the plans and the mood may be incidents of food poisoning. The most dangerous of the currently known pathogens is E.coli 0157, Salmonella, Toxoplasma, Listeria and norovirus, also known as stomach flu. Rule number one – all the food out of the [...]

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How the hospitality industry will profit from the IoT

The hospitality industry is well positioned to benefit from the IoT. That’s because the IoT is poised to improve the customer experience while also reducing costs. Connecting the world changes everything. That’s what businesses and consumers are learning as they embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) for everything from household garage door openers to smart-city [...]

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Eggs containing fipronil found in 15 EU countries and Hong Kong

Fifteen EU countries as well as Hong Kong and Switzerland have received eggs contaminated with the insecticide fipronil, the European Commission says. The commission will hold a meeting with ministers and regulators on 26 September. Its food safety chief has called countries to stop "blaming and shaming" each other. A row has erupted over how [...]

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Seven technologies of the next decade

Hollywood's depictions of the future are usually pretty far-fetched — like the flying cars of "Blade Runner" and the hoverboards in "Back to the Future II." The World Economic forum surveyed over 800 experts and executives to find out what the future will actually look like. Here are 7 amazing technologies they think the world [...]

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Tomorrow’s Digital Fleet Management…Delivered Today

The transportation and logistics industry is at a crossroads. For years, the industry has been experiencing a labor shortage that will continue to worsen, while fleet operators are under increasing pressure to make their operations more efficient and cost-effective. And there are even greater challenges on the horizon. Customers are becoming increasingly used to receiving [...]

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Take your temperature monitoring into the 21st century with Tiaki

AmbaSense brings intelligent temperature monitoring to your business with the revolutionary new 'Tiaki' IoT sensor. Save time and money with Tiaki, the most affordable WiFi-enabled temperature monitor which uses secure IoT technology to deliver unparalleled temperature and humidity monitoring and reporting via a seamless cloud interface. Tiaki uses any available wireless internet connection to automatically [...]

Millions of eggs removed from European shelves over toxicity fears

Millions of eggs are being recalled from shops and warehouses in Germany and the Netherlands and being blocked from sale in Belgium after some were found to contain high levels of a toxic insecticide banned from use in the production of food for human consumption. About 180 Dutch farms have been temporarily shut down and [...]

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Happy Yorkshire Day! Eat your own body weight in Yorkshire puddings.

Happy Yorkshire Day! Yes, it’s come around quicker than a repeat of ‘Last Of The Summer Wine’ on Gold. And we’ve got 10 ways you can celebrate, below. Unless you’re a Yorkshireman/woman yourself, of course. Because as the old saying goes: ‘Tha can allus tell a Yorkshireman, but tha can’t tell ‘im much’. Including how to [...]

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Ice from coffee stores could be tested if inspections are due following national concerns

ENVIRONMENTAL health officers will consider 'sampling ice' from leading coffee stores – if they are due routine inspections – following national concerns. A BBC Watchdog investigation found that samples of iced drinks from high street outlets Caffe Nero, Starbucks and Costa Coffee all contained faecal coliform bacteria. All three chains responded by launching their own [...]

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