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South Africa listeria: Source of ‘world’s worst outbreak’ found

South Africa says it has finally traced the source of a listeria outbreak that has killed 180 people in the past year - said to make it the worst in history ! The source is a factory operated by Enterprise Foods in Polokwane in Limpopo. More facilities are being tested to see if they contributed [...]

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Have you read about the launch of our new Tiaki sensor on BQ Live? Exciting times ahead for AmbaSense! #TiakiPower http://www.bqlive.co.uk/food-drink/2018/03/01/news/tech-start-up-launches-innovative-monitoring-tool-30893/

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#TiakiPower – The Temperature Sensor with Attitude!

Did you know: 1. The Tiaki temperature sensor wireless range is 10 kilometres 2. Two AA-size batteries will power the sensor for over 2 years 3. All data is encrypted and transmitted in secure 128bit end-to-end encryption 4. The Tiaki sensor can operate in temperatures as low as -40 degrees C 5. You can view [...]

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Tiaki Temperature Sensor Alerts – Dashboard View. By MarcelH

One of the best advantages of using a Tiaki is that it can alert you to anomalies in the temperature of your fridges and freezers. You can set up alerts (Fig. 1) by selecting criteria (greater than / less than) and a temperature. There is also a default alert which will send out a notification via email [...]

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An Inspector Calls – When temperature control goes wrong. By DanH

As well as helping in the development of the Tiaki temperature, and web-based dashboard, I also inspect food business, which is part of my job working for a local authority. During a recent inspection of a large care home, which looks after vulnerable elderly residents, I found the home had failed to think about how [...]

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The AmbaSense Dashboard – An Introduction

An integral part of the temparature monitoring with Tiakis is the online dashboard. It shows you at a glance how your fridges and freezers are performing. Figure 1 There are 2 different options to view the data, a list of graphs (Fig. 1) or a more simple list of min, max and last temperature for each device [...]

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Renfrewshire uses internet of things technology to detect fuel poverty

A network of sensors is monitoring temperature, humidity and CO2 in social housing in Paisley Internet of things technology is being trialled in social housing in Renfrewshire to help detect fuel poverty and other housing issues. A network of sensors is being used to monitor temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels at 50 social properties around [...]

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How to protect your brand from food-safety issues

Nearly everyone can name the brand that suffered a catastrophic food-safety outbreak that caused multiple illnesses, shareholder and class action lawsuits and a voluntary shutdown of all stores for a day. But I'll bet you most people could not tell you the details of what went wrong, why and how it could have been prevented. The truth is [...]

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Internet of Things Examples and Applications

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” — Arthur C. Clarke, Profiles of the Future The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to bring immense value to our lives. By continuing to connect all the “things” in our world, we’ll achieve feats that will truly seem like magic. But because IoT is so broad and far-reaching of a concept,  [...]

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Want to hear the cold truth? Your fridge full of leftovers could be dangerous

TWO-THIRDS of all fridges in the UK are too warm, according to a report from official food waste advisory body Wrap. They should be set at between 3°C and 5°C but as many as one third have temperatures of above 9°C. The Government’s Food Standards Agency highlights listeria, which can cause serious illness or even [...]

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