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Want to hear the cold truth? Your fridge full of leftovers could be dangerous

TWO-THIRDS of all fridges in the UK are too warm, according to a report from official food waste advisory body Wrap. They should be set at between 3°C and 5°C but as many as one third have temperatures of above 9°C. The Government’s Food Standards Agency highlights listeria, which can cause serious illness or even [...]

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IoT Markets to Watch in 2018

Predictive maintenance and asset tracking are two big IoT markets to watch in 2018 because they will provide real efficiencies and improved safety. The real IoT trends to watch in 2018 are not telling your lights to turn on or watching delivery drones jet across the countryside.  It will be about instrumenting our existing infrastructures [...]

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Improving Operations And Maintenance With IoT

With Internet of Things technology in place, facility maintenance decisions are made easier and more efficient. Buildings today are more connected than ever. It’s not unusual to control temperature, lighting, and other mechanical components automatically or remotely. With the Internet of Things (IoT) making it possible to access data about everything from temperature to equipment [...]

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Your IoT Advantage

At the heart of the Tiaki sensor is a brand-new IoT chip called the ESP8266. It delivers unparalleled performance in a small but powerful package. Featuring built-in WiFi, it connects directly to your WiFi network. Battery life is exceptional, with typical usage lasting over one full year. Set your Tiaki running and leave it to [...]

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Marriott creates smart guestroom lab

A new hotel room prototype from Marriott would let guests control everything from the temperature of the shower to the color of the light with the sound of their voice. The smart hotel rooms include devices and amenities that respond to individual guests and are customizable based on their preferences. The rooms are designed as an application [...]

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Harrogate care home fined £1.6m after allowing 91 year old female resident to freeze to death

A major care group has been fined £1.6 million for allowing a 91-year-old woman to freeze to death in a Harrogate nursing home by failing to heat her room and provide her with any hot food or water. York Crown Court heard that a startling lack of basic care had played a “substantial” role in [...]

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Spanish police to investigate 800 Brits who’ve made ‘food poisoning claims’ on holiday against Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza hotels

Police are investigating up to 800 British tourists who have submitted ' food poisoning claims' against all-inclusive hotels in Spain's Balearic Islands. They say the cases were filed through 77 law firms and there will now be an in-depth look to see which ones - if any - might have been fraudulent. Suspicions have been growing that some [...]

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What foods require temperature control ?

The following are examples of various food  that under normal conditions of storage and use and in the absence of adequate preserving factors should be kept under temperature control (both chill and hot holding) so as not to result in a risk to health. These examples are for general guidance only. There are certain exemptions [...]

What is IoT? – A Simple Explanation of the Internet of Things

A simple answer to, "What is IoT?". Whether it's for your own understanding or to send to friends/family/customers, this explanation is meant for anybody. “The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer [...]

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IoT dose for healthcare

India’s is going to see the rollout of the world’s biggest IOT network. It is going to be formed by several smaller networks coming together, including those that connect healthcare institutions. Both, the patient and the institution, benefit from an IOT ecosystem. These are interesting times for healthcare outfits in India. The Internet of Things [...]

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