Call for mandatory food score display

With fewer than half of businesses in England showing their food hygiene ratings to customers, the Local Government Association is calling for displaying ratings to become mandatory in England, as it is in Wales and Northern Ireland. Currently only 49 per cent of businesses in England display their ratings, according to the LGA which argues [...]

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An Inspector Calls – When temperature control goes wrong. By DanH

As well as helping in the development of the Tiaki temperature, and web-based dashboard, I also inspect food business, which is part of my job working for a local authority. During a recent inspection of a large care home, which looks after vulnerable elderly residents, I found the home had failed to think about how [...]

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Force food outlets to display hygiene ratings in England, LGA says

All food premises in England should be forced to display “scores on the doors” ratings following Brexit to improve hygiene standards, councils have said. The Local Government Association said EU laws regulating food safety should be kept after Britain leaves the bloc, but has called on the government to use the opportunity to strengthen them [...]

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Tesco named as supermarket that ‘may have sold sausages and ham infected with hepatitis’

Public Health England looked at the shopping habits of 60 people infected with Hepatitis E – or HEV – and found that it was linked to them having eaten sausages and ham from one store, named only as ‘Supermarket X’. They have since been under increasing pressure to name Supermarket X, but they refused – claiming [...]

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Faecal Bacteria Found In Drinks At McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King

Drinks at a number of popular fast food chains have been found to contain faecal bacteria due to contaminated ice. Researchers at BBC ‘Watchdog’ found evidence of faecal coliforms from drinks purchased at McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King in the UK. Coliforms can indicate if products have been contaminated by the bacteria. The team tested ice from [...]

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Food Hygiene – Temperature Control

Bacteria will grow rapidly in foods especially in the right temperature. Temperatures between 5C and 63C are called The Temperature Danger Zone and it is important that the time foods are kept in this zone is kept to a minimum.  Outside of this zone bacteria either stop growing or grow very slowly (bacteria will not [...]

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Papa Pizza fined for food hygiene breaches

A Dover takeaway owner whose business was shut down after cockroaches were found in his dirty kitchen has been fined after he continued selling food to the public. Murduck Mohebbi, who runs Papa Pizza, has been ordered to pay a total of £7,754 for serious breaches of food safety legislation. Dover District Council’s prosecution followed [...]

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Do I Need a Hygiene Certificate to Make Sandwiches?

Question: I work at a newsagents in a train station. Up until recently they have bought in pre-packed sandwiches for public sale but have now started to make their own instead. The manager has handed out a booklet about an introduction to food hygiene with a questionnaire to complete at the end. As I understood the [...]

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Food Standards Agency turns to Tesco for trial of new food hygiene model

The FSA has turned to Tesco to trial a new, technology-based model for food safety across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, after describing the current system of inspections as stuck in the past. The UK’s biggest retailer will be one of two companies, alongside pub and restaurant chain Mitchells & Butlers, to launch three-month pilots [...]

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One in seven UK takeaways have failed food hygiene tests

More than 7,000 takeaways and 8,000 restaurants have not passed inspections, with huge hygiene disparities nationwide One in 13 restaurants and one in seven takeaways in the UK have failed food hygiene inspections because they are dirty or have poor procedures, Guardian analysis shows. Examination of the food hygiene reports for more than 460,000 businesses [...]

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