How the Food Industry Can Improve Quality Control

Food contamination outbreaks and recalls seem to be in the news every week, from ground beef coming off the shelves because of E. coli to the massive romaine lettuce recall that started in 2018 and is still ongoing. While quality control is integral in any consumer-facing industry, it's absolutely vital in industries that create consumables. How can [...]

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AmbaSense secure business with Premiership football club

AmbaSense were recently approached by a leading Premiership football club to solve an ongoing problem.  How do you keep track of food storage temperatures within 75,000-seater capacity stadium housing 26 kitchens with hundreds of fridges and freezers holding thousands of pounds worth of stock? Previous attempts to solve this issue by the club had been [...]

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How to protect your brand from food-safety issues

Nearly everyone can name the brand that suffered a catastrophic food-safety outbreak that caused multiple illnesses, shareholder and class action lawsuits and a voluntary shutdown of all stores for a day. But I'll bet you most people could not tell you the details of what went wrong, why and how it could have been prevented. The truth is [...]

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What foods require temperature control ?

The following are examples of various food  that under normal conditions of storage and use and in the absence of adequate preserving factors should be kept under temperature control (both chill and hot holding) so as not to result in a risk to health. These examples are for general guidance only. There are certain exemptions [...]

National Burger Day: Britain’s best burger restaurants

This week we celebrate National Burger Day, for what could be more worth celebrating than patties in buns? Beef, chicken, veggie, smothered in melted cheese, dripping with burger sauce, topped with tangy pickles and sautéed onions - it’s hard to beat a burger. It’s a fast-food classic that has been elevated to new heights over [...]

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Food Safety Failures – Restaurant owner jailed

A "reckless" restaurant owner has been jailed for six years for the manslaughter of a customer who had an allergic reaction to a curry. Paul Wilson, 38, suffered a severe anaphylactic shock in January 2014 after eating a takeaway containing peanuts from the Indian Garden in Easingwold, North Yorkshire. Mohammed Zaman, 52, was found guilty [...]

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The Impact of the Internet of Things on Restaurants

The impact of the Internet of Things on the restaurant industry is rapidly becoming more and more influential, helping to offer diners two of the most commonly required aspects of an enjoyable meal - speed and convenience.  Here are three ways in which IoT can be used by restaurants to offer a greater experience to [...]

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Catering Industry Guide to Good Hygiene Practice

To build a successful business, all caterers want and need to serve safe food. The Industry Guide to Good Hygiene Practice: Catering Guide is intended to give advice and guidance to caterers on how to comply with their legal obligations under Regulation (EC) No. 852/2004 on the hygiene of foodstuffs and with UK Food Hygiene [...]

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Restaurants are based on the same principles as software. There is a frontend and backend. The frontend, for both software and restaurants, tries to please the user or customer by creating an easy, simple, yet aesthetically pleasing experience. Restaurants have used technology and software to make this experience better for patrons, with advancements like point-of-sale systems automating [...]

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