AmbaSense secure business with Premiership football club

AmbaSense were recently approached by a leading Premiership football club to solve an ongoing problem.  How do you keep track of food storage temperatures within 75,000-seater capacity stadium housing 26 kitchens with hundreds of fridges and freezers holding thousands of pounds worth of stock? Previous attempts to solve this issue by the club had been [...]

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Brewing Beer? We have the perfect temperature sensor #Tiaki!

Brewing beer. What could be more fun than actually drinking it? A major factor for a good fermentation is temperature. Yeast is greatly affected by temperature; too cold and they go dormant, too hot (more than 10°F above the nominal range) and they indulge in an orgy of fermentation that often cannot be cleaned up [...]

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Is your fridge making you ill? How to avoid the risk of food poisoning

THE COLD truth about most household fridges is they are operating at the wrong temperature and leaving people at risk of food poisoning, a study has revealed. An investigation by BBC One's Rip Off Britain: Food found more than 90 per cent of fridges it tested were at above the recommended level of between three [...]

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An Inspector Calls – How do you monitor your fridge temperature – butter, jelly or Tiaki? By DanH

As a local authority Environmental Health Officer, who inspects food businesses and awards food hygiene ratings, I have seen countless methods used to monitor fridge temperatures. Some work and some clearly don’t. When monitoring a fridge, I’ve found that not everyone realises that the temperature on the fridge display only reflects the air temperature inside [...]

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Improving Operations And Maintenance With IoT

With Internet of Things technology in place, facility maintenance decisions are made easier and more efficient. Buildings today are more connected than ever. It’s not unusual to control temperature, lighting, and other mechanical components automatically or remotely. With the Internet of Things (IoT) making it possible to access data about everything from temperature to equipment [...]

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What foods require temperature control ?

The following are examples of various food  that under normal conditions of storage and use and in the absence of adequate preserving factors should be kept under temperature control (both chill and hot holding) so as not to result in a risk to health. These examples are for general guidance only. There are certain exemptions [...]

Tesco named as supermarket that ‘may have sold sausages and ham infected with hepatitis’

Public Health England looked at the shopping habits of 60 people infected with Hepatitis E – or HEV – and found that it was linked to them having eaten sausages and ham from one store, named only as ‘Supermarket X’. They have since been under increasing pressure to name Supermarket X, but they refused – claiming [...]

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In summer, the risk of poisoning by these products increases dramatically

Summer – time of holidays, fun picnics and barbecues. But to spoil all the plans and the mood may be incidents of food poisoning. The most dangerous of the currently known pathogens is E.coli 0157, Salmonella, Toxoplasma, Listeria and norovirus, also known as stomach flu. Rule number one – all the food out of the [...]

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Take your temperature monitoring into the 21st century with Tiaki

AmbaSense brings intelligent temperature monitoring to your business with the revolutionary new 'Tiaki' IoT sensor. Save time and money with Tiaki, the most affordable WiFi-enabled temperature monitor which uses secure IoT technology to deliver unparalleled temperature and humidity monitoring and reporting via a seamless cloud interface. Tiaki uses any available wireless internet connection to automatically [...]

Listeria – keeping food safe

• In the UK, illness from Listeria monocytogenes (listeriosis) has increased, particularly among those people over 60 who have weakened immune systems. Although listeriosis isn’t common, it can be life-threatening in people with reduced immunity. Listeriosis has sometimes been linked to eating chilled ready-to-eat foods, and controls are therefore needed to minimise the risk from [...]

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