Hambleton Business Awards 2018

AmbaSense Shortlisted for Innovation Award AmbaSense honoured to be shortlisted in the Innovation category of the 2018 Hambleton Business Awards. Nine Hambleton businesses are celebrating after taking top prizes at the district council’s annual awards ceremony. They were honoured for being the top in the district for everything from championing apprentices, young people and graduates, [...]

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AmbaSense at Google HQ in London #tiaki

AmbaSense were at Google HQ in London this week to talk about accelerated marketing and IoT technology. "In 2018, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will have the ability to access IoT technology more than ever before, thanks to lowering sensors costs and software platforms," explains Martin Platt, partner at AmbaSense Ltd, one of the UK's [...]

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An Inspector Calls – How do you monitor your fridge temperature – butter, jelly or Tiaki? By DanH

As a local authority Environmental Health Officer, who inspects food businesses and awards food hygiene ratings, I have seen countless methods used to monitor fridge temperatures. Some work and some clearly don’t. When monitoring a fridge, I’ve found that not everyone realises that the temperature on the fridge display only reflects the air temperature inside [...]

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Have you read about the launch of our new Tiaki sensor on BQ Live? Exciting times ahead for AmbaSense! #TiakiPower http://www.bqlive.co.uk/food-drink/2018/03/01/news/tech-start-up-launches-innovative-monitoring-tool-30893/

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#TiakiPower – The Temperature Sensor with Attitude!

Did you know: 1. The Tiaki temperature sensor wireless range is 10 kilometres 2. Two AA-size batteries will power the sensor for over 2 years 3. All data is encrypted and transmitted in secure 128bit end-to-end encryption 4. The Tiaki sensor can operate in temperatures as low as -40 degrees C 5. You can view [...]

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An Inspector Calls – When temperature control goes wrong. By DanH

As well as helping in the development of the Tiaki temperature, and web-based dashboard, I also inspect food business, which is part of my job working for a local authority. During a recent inspection of a large care home, which looks after vulnerable elderly residents, I found the home had failed to think about how [...]

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The AmbaSense Dashboard – An Introduction

An integral part of the temparature monitoring with Tiakis is the online dashboard. It shows you at a glance how your fridges and freezers are performing. Figure 1 There are 2 different options to view the data, a list of graphs (Fig. 1) or a more simple list of min, max and last temperature for each device [...]

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Your IoT Advantage

At the heart of the Tiaki sensor is a brand-new IoT chip called the ESP8266. It delivers unparalleled performance in a small but powerful package. Featuring built-in WiFi, it connects directly to your WiFi network. Battery life is exceptional, with typical usage lasting over one full year. Set your Tiaki running and leave it to [...]

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Take your temperature monitoring into the 21st century with Tiaki

AmbaSense brings intelligent temperature monitoring to your business with the revolutionary new 'Tiaki' IoT sensor. Save time and money with Tiaki, the most affordable WiFi-enabled temperature monitor which uses secure IoT technology to deliver unparalleled temperature and humidity monitoring and reporting via a seamless cloud interface. Tiaki uses any available wireless internet connection to automatically [...]

Choose a Tiaki package that’s right for your business

Choose a Tiaki package that’s right for your business. Packages come loaded with one or three years of Dashboard access. There are no additional hardware or software requirements. You don’t need a hub or a PC, all that’s needed is a WiFi connection. If you’re looking for an out of the box, easy to configure [...]

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