Listeria outbreak: Health secretary orders NHS food review

A "root and branch" review of hospital food has been ordered by the health secretary after two more deaths were linked to an outbreak of listeria. The number of deaths related to pre-packed sandwiches and salads at hospitals had risen from three to five, Public Health England said on Friday. It said evidence suggested the [...]

Hospital patients die in sandwich listeria outbreak

Three hospital patients have died in an outbreak of listeria linked to pre-packed sandwiches. Public Health England (PHE) said the victims were among six patients affected in England and the deaths occurred in Manchester and Liverpool. Two of the victims were at Manchester Royal Infirmary, with the other a patient at Aintree Hospital. Sandwiches and [...]

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Why restaurants should implement the Internet of Things

There are many problems that can occur in a restaurant, but one problem that isn’t given enough thought is equipment failure. Food service equipment (like ovens and refrigerators) are prone to breakage, and these maintenance issues typically occur at the worst times. Scheduled maintenance procedures can help prevent maintenance issues, but they are far from [...]

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5 Benefits of Commercial IoT and Automation

Many people have heard of the benefits of consumer-oriented IoT products, but what about the benefits of commercial IoT? IoT can significantly transform your business and improve your customer experience. Some of the current applications of the Internet of Things feel more trivial than others. Humans have been outrunning each other for a hundred thousand years without [...]

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Embrace new IoT technology and help your food business increase productivity and profitable

In recent years, the food and beverage industry has garnered a reputation of being “tech resistant’ however, many food business operators, and kitchen equipment manufacturers are beginning to recognise the efficiencies offered by new technology solutions. Increasingly food business operators have recognised that technology provides them a competitive advantage and helps increase profitability. Typically, these [...]

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Care Home Management – Temperature Risk for Residents

The risks of not monitoring the temperature of your rooms, food and drugs effectively Martin Platt, Partner at AmbaSense talks to Care Home Management magazine about the risks associated with poor temperature control within UK care homes. AmbaSense is providing the technology behind an adult social care pilot scheme run by a UK council and [...]

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Listeria lowdown

It’s the most dangerous food poisoning bug you’d probably hardly ever heard of – at least until a few days ago. But now listeria is making headline news and it’s not pretty. The bacterium has caused nine deaths across Europe and recently,  43 frozen mixed vegetable and sweetcorn products – from Lidl, Iceland, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose [...]

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Tiaki Temperature Sensor Alerts – Dashboard View. By MarcelH

One of the best advantages of using a Tiaki is that it can alert you to anomalies in the temperature of your fridges and freezers. You can set up alerts (Fig. 1) by selecting criteria (greater than / less than) and a temperature. There is also a default alert which will send out a notification via email [...]

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Marriott creates smart guestroom lab

A new hotel room prototype from Marriott would let guests control everything from the temperature of the shower to the color of the light with the sound of their voice. The smart hotel rooms include devices and amenities that respond to individual guests and are customizable based on their preferences. The rooms are designed as an application [...]

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4 ways IOT is supporting the food industry

A sensor, internet connection and the ability to communicate: These are the three ingredients that make up the Internet of Things technology. IOT is gaining rapid steam, with companies such as global communication giants, Ericsson and Cisco, making projections of as many of 50 billion devices connected by IOT by 2020. While estimations vary to [...]

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