Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. Also known as HACCP.

HACCP is recognised worldwide as key to producing safe food and has been a legal requirement for UK food businesses for many years. Originally developed by NASA it systematically considers the risks from physical, chemical and microbiological hazards  

If you operate a food business, the government says you must have a food safety management system based on HACCP principles.

A key part of the food hygiene rating for your business is the confidence in management category, in other words your documented systems and procedures.  Tiaki and the AmbaSense Dashboard can help you easily monitor critical areas, ensure your business is compliant with food safety legislation and help you achieve a consistently high rating.

The Government says you must:

1. Identify any food safety hazards within your business
2. Identify the critical control points (CCPs) – the points when you need to prevent, remove or reduce a hazards to acceptable levels
3. Set limits for the CCPs, these are limits between acceptability and unacceptability
4. Make sure you monitor the CCPs
5. Put things right if there is a problem with a CCP , this is known as a corrective action
6. Put checks in place to make sure your plan is working
7. Keep accurate records and periodically review your system

Take control with AmbaSense:

1. Interactive checklists actively prompt you by email or SMS to undertake tasks
2. Take control by creating your own daily opening and closing checks and specify individual reminders when checks are due
3. Completed checks are time and date stamped and stored in the cloud with less possibility of falsification
4. A fully audited task management system
5. Centralised records with wide reporting capabilities
6. Transform your food hygiene business management
7. Capture, alert and audit your critical processes

Personalise the food safety checks relevant to your business needs by creating your own checklists.

The AmbaSense Dashboard is based on HACCP and provides real-time control in critical areas and full government compliance. Transform the way you manage your food, hygiene and business processes and be safe in the knowledge that your business is inspection ready with our cloud-based data storage and reporting.

Regular review of  your food safety management system based on HACCP is a legal requirement.

The AmbaSense Dashboard is easily configured to notify you when a review of your system is required and produce user reports to identify trends and omissions.

Examples of personalised opening checks

  1. Ensuring that there is a supply of sanitiser meeting BS EN 1276 or equivalent
  2. Are staff fit to work and dressed in clean protective clothing
  3. Is there an adequate supply of cleaning materials
  4. Is there an adequate supply of hot water and accessible facilities for washing hands including hand soap and hand drying materials

Examples of personalised closing checks

  1. Has the business been cleaned in accordance with the documented cleaning schedule
  2. Has the rubbish been removed and placed outside in lidded containers
  3. Have dirty cloths and protective clothing been taken away from food areas ready for washing
  4. Has all high risk food been placed under refrigeration

Choose a Tiaki package that’s right for your business. Packages come loaded with one or three years of Dashboard access.

There are no additional hardware or software requirements. You don’t need a hub or a PC, all that’s needed is a WiFi connection. If you’re looking for an “out of the box” easy to configure solution with NO extra running costs then look no further. NO monthly charges & NO contracts!

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