Mouldy meat pies, ‘smelly’ ham sandwiches and dead bugs inside chocolate: Bakery faces huge fines over disgusting food safety breaches

  • Jam and Sugar (JAS) Bakehouse owners fined $22,680 for 32 Food Act breaches
  • Mouldy pies, sandwiches, cheesecakes, and tuna found on premises
  • Food scraps built up on baking trays and there was a dead insect in chocolate
  • Cafe appears to have gone out of business since disgusting practices uncovered 

A dodgy cafe that left mouldy pies and sandwiches out for sale and let disgusting food scraps built up on baking trays have been fined for the food safety breaches.

Health inspectors found horrific food safety breaches at Jam and Sugar (JAS) Bakehouse in Adelaide after customers complained last year.

Owners Monipiseth Norodom and Thi Huong Tran Le were together fined $22,680 after pleading guilty to 32 breaches of the Food Act.

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