Securely connect your temperature sensor to any Wireless network in just two minutes. No PC required.

That’s right. You can do it all from your smartphone.


Connect your Tiaki automated temperature sensor to your WiFi network. Just follow the five steps outlined below.

You’ll be up and running in only two minutes. Make sure you have your WiFi network name and password to hand before you start. And don’t forget to register for an AmbaSense Dashboard account.

If you have one of our LoRaWAN sensors, it’s already set up for you. Just add batteries!

Step 1. Create your account

Register here and create your Dashboard account. Once your account is created you will be automatically emailed your new account details, including your account number which will be used to activate your Tiaki device.

Later during the setup you will also need the access details of your WiFi network, the SSID & Password.

Step 2. Insert 4 x AA batteries

There is no on/off switch on your Tiaki device. Once the batteries are inserted, Tiaki is ‘on’. Look at the top of the device and you will see a flashing light. This indicates that you are ready to connect to your WiFi network.

The light will flash for about 10 seconds and then stop but the device will remain powered until the batteries are removed.

Step 3. Smartphone

Use your smartphone (or PC, tablet) and connect to your Tiaki device’s built-in WiFi ‘hotspot’.  Search for the ‘AmbaSense’ network on your phone and then connect. The password is as detailed in your welcome pack.

Your smartphone is now connected directly to the AmbaSense hotspot. Let’s move to the next stage of the setup.

Step 4. Open your Browser

Your smartphone (or your PC or tablet) is now connected directly to the AmbaSense hotspot.  Now it’s time to open your favourite browser and navigate to the address shown in your Tiaki welcome pack.

Once the browser page is loaded you will see the AmbaSense Tiaki web page with three input fields. 

Step 5. Account and Password

Now it’s time to enter your WiFi network name and password. The WiFi name is sometimes called the SSID.  You’ll also need to enter your AmbaSense Account Reference sent to you in earlier email, then choose ‘Save’.

After selecting ‘Save’, Tiaki will reboot and then connect to your WiFi network. That’s it, you’re finished!

Sit back. Relax.

Congratulations! You’re all done. Now let AmbaSense and Tiaki automatically deliver unparalleled temperature and humidity monitoring, automatic alerting and reporting via our seamless cloud interface.

View your Tiaki device via the Dashboard, where you can also configure alerts, reports and manage exceedances.

If you operate a food business, the government says you must have a food safety management system based on HACCP principles.

A key part of the food hygiene rating for your business is the confidence in management category, in other words, your documented systems and procedures.  Tiaki and the AmbaSense Dashboard can help you easily monitor critical areas, ensure your business is compliant with food safety legislation and help you achieve a consistently high rating

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