In recent years, the food and beverage industry has garnered a reputation of being “tech resistant’ however, many food business operators, and kitchen equipment manufacturers are beginning to recognise the efficiencies offered by new technology solutions. Increasingly food business operators have recognised that technology provides them a competitive advantage and helps increase profitability.

Typically, these new restaurant technologies focus on front-end matters of a restaurant operations however new Internet of Tings  (ioT)  technology is available to offer complete protection for temperature sensitive products.

What is the Internet of Things?

In the simplest sense, the Internet of Things (IoT) is the idea that any object can connect to the Internet to communicate and share data with other systems. Companies can use this data to improve operations, streamline processes, and open new revenue streams.

IoT solutions are increasingly being used across industries as companies look for new ways to use technology to improve operations. IoT solutions are incredibly useful in restaurants and commercial kitchens, where it’s vital to monitor equipment like stoves or refrigerators for breakage, temperature, and compliance.

How Can IoT Make My Restaurant More Efficient?

While there are many ways IoT can offer value, the most efficient solutions for restaurants and commercial kitchens allow managers to improve equipment maintenance and compliance monitoring.

For example — every part of a stove or refrigerator can be monitored for breakage and compliance with IoT technology. A simple IoT sensor can be attached to a machine and monitor the performance and health of that equipment. The same IoT sensor can be programmed to send alerts out to operators before something goes wrong with a piece of restaurant equipment. There are some IoT solutions that even allow businesses to automatically order new parts when restaurant equipment repair is needed. When applied across an entire kitchen, this method of remote monitoring can result in immense savings.

IoT technologies can even be used to prevent inventory loss. For example, AmbsSense have created a IoT temperature control solution that monitors walk-in refrigerators and freezers to ensure ingredients are being within critical limits at all times.  When temperature levels fall below a critical limit, managers receive a text and/or email so they can take corrective action.

Improper temperature control or malfunctions are key factors that lead to costly inventory loss for restaurants. With this new increased visibility, restaurant owners can save millions by preventing inventory loss. or phone or Office: on   01609 600884

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